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  About The Author

"I wondered why some drivers always got into accidents and others always got tickets.

So I compared 100,000 drivers, their tickets and accidents, to their astrological sign.


The results were overwhelming, showing drivers of certain astrological signs are prone to getting more tickets,
while others seemed destined to have accidents." 

Lee Romanov
Car Carma


  Astrological Signs & Their 
Driving Force 

Number 1 Worst:
Libra- Sept. 23 to Oct. 22
Libra is the 'Sign of the Scales' and craves balance and consensus.
Libra doesn’t like to make snap decisions. But rush hour traffic is not a time for seeking driver approval, or for being indecisive.

Libras would prefer to get counsel and feedback from other drivers before they proceed . . . but that's not going to happen.

The problem comes from their sign’s inability to make those split second maneuvers, needed to avoid accidents.

As a double whammy, at-fault accidents also come with tickets.
Libra’s balance, harmony and a sense of fair play is shattered when they are non-renewed by their insurance company.
2nd Worst Position:
Aquarius- Jan. 20 to Feb. 18
They’re impulsive, and ruled by the Planet of speed and rebellion.
Aquarians need to get a better grip behind the wheel.
Aquarians are strong-willed and independent-minded drivers who travel on the
highway of life as if they own it.
Ignoring the rules of the road causes many head-on collisions with their insurance company.

3rd Worst Position:
Aries - Mar. 21 to Apr. 19
Its symbol is the Ram.
Not good a sign to have for avoiding accidents

Aries have a 'Me First' child-like nature, that drives Aries into trouble.

Aries drivers are under the most impatient sign of the zodiac, and would benefit from mastering this skill.

Impatience causes trouble on both large and small scales for the Aries drivers.

Aries has lots of energy to start something new; perhaps a body shop would be a good idea. 


4th Worst Position:
Pisces - Feb. 19 to Mar. 20
This sign enjoys day dreaming.
So wake up Pisces, driving in the “real world" requires your complete attention.

Pisces drivers are focused on their inner journey, and enjoy swimming against the flow of traffic.

Fish are happy in schools, more Pisces in driving schools would make all drivers happier.
Pisces need to be careful of their flip side, road rage can surface at any time.

The biggest fear for the Pisces driver is getting caught in the net of high-risk insurance company rates.


5th Worst Position:
Scorpio - Oct. 23 to Nov. 21
The Scorpion’s instinct is to get revenge, and driving is the perfect avenue to vent a little Scorpion road rage.
If you pass a Scorpio, plan on being chased.
It's the Scorpion that symbolizes Scorpios, and that’s no accident.
Scorpio drivers should not be taken lightly as they place 5thover all for tickets and accidents.
Scorpios react emotionally to every experience on life’s highway,
and must resist the desire of conducting curb side trials with police officers.
Scorpio drivers concern them selves with beginnings and endings, and are not afraid of either result, regardless of the sting this causes to their insurance rate. Scorpios dominate their relationships and the roadways. A Scorpio’s bumper sticker would read: “I may be vengeful, but I’m good at it.”

6th Worst Position:
Taurus - Apr. 20 to May 20
The astrological sign for Taurus is the Bull.

They’re stubborn, and have an urge to charge at red lights.

Taurus can be obstinate and inflexible, but so are the rules of the road, and this leaves the police officer the one doing the “charging”.

The Taurus rarely seeks to make changes unless forced to do so.

If their insurance rates begin to rise, that’s when the Taurus sees red and will find another insurance company to battle with.


7th Worst Position:
Sagittarius - Nov. 22 to Dec. 21
They’re risk-takers, but they’re experienced risk takers, and know that stunt driving should be left to the professionals . . . cabbies.

This is a talkative group, and they should consider putting their cell phone down and drive.
The Sagittarian loves to travel.

If the urge arises to take the path less traveled, don’t take it if you’re behind the wheel.
In spite of the Sag’s risk taking nature, the risk of skyrocketing insurance rates isn’t worth it.


8th Worst Position:  
Capricorn -  Dec. 22 to Jan.19
Capricorn is goal oriented.

They’re more concerned about the destination than the journey.

They feel that the rules of the road are for other drivers to follow so that Capricorns can get to their destination faster.
Capricorns are doers . . . so don’t cut this goat’s grass, or they’ll butt off their path so quickly you won’t know which car hit you.

A little fender bender or ticket isn’t going to get in their way.

9th Worst Position: Virgo - Aug. 23 to Sept. 22
Virgos have a nervous attention to detail.
They made the cover of the Car Carma book.

They’d be slamming their brakes on to avoid hitting a squirrel, while causing a10 car pile-up.

irgo’s desire to improve, refine, and perfect their driving skills causes them to analyze every bump on the road before they act. 
Virgo drivers can easily work them selves into a self-critical, nervous frenzy, perfectly geared up for that next accident. 
Much to the dismay of the insurance company, Virgos see every fender bender as a complete write-off.
3rd Best Position: Cancer - June 21 to July 22
They’re home bodies, and consider the roadway of drivers their extended family.
But they’re a moody group, and would be the ones to honk at you for no reason at all.
Cancer uses its instincts.

Safety and security
are ultimately the motivating factors influencing this Sun Sign’s
rise to being one of the safest and best drivers
on the road.
The Moon rules Cancers, and they are famous for their moodiness. Beware of night driving.


2nd Best Position: Gemini - May 21 to June 20

Gemini's are the original multi-taskers.

They can eat, drink, read the newspaper, shave, or apply make-up all while driving, although this is NOT recommended, even if you are a Gemini.

It’s the sign of the twins . . . while one is driving the other co-pilots.
You will notice the Gemini twins on the road by their dual nature with other drivers.

A Gemini will inadvertently travel at the same speed as the driver beside them, making it impossible for anyone to pass.

But why would you  . . . a Gemini is one of the safest drivers to be around.

Number 1 Best: Leo - Jul. 23 to Aug. 22
Leo is generous, and comfortable in sharing the roadway.

They‘re known for having a huge ego, which is their driving force to being the best. os are natural born leaders.

They demand to be the very best drivers, and they have achieved it.
A warning to all the Leo cubs, you have to earn your way to the top.

The roadways are filled with speed traps, it's a jungle out there and the highways are full of road warriors.