Knowledge Is Power
The influence of your sign may be affecting the way you drive, which directly affects your insurance rate.
You can't ignore what your Karma has to say when it comes to your driving skills either.
Car Carma is full of insider information to keep your insurance rate low.
The Law of Car Carma
If life is a highway, Car Carma is the roadmap.
The more you know about, tickets, accidents, insurance and the law of the road, the easier it will be to maneuver around the potholes of life.

Car Carma And The Road Signs Of The Zodiac

Car Carma is your roadmap through the Zodiac.
It's a tool of enlightenment that identifies the best to the worst drivers, under the Sun, Moon and Stars.
About the Author 
"Traffic signs aren't the only signs to watch out for when driving.
It's the Astrological Signs that are really doing the driving" . . . says Lee Romanov, Author of Car Carma.
Lee Romanov is the Author of Car Carma.
Romanov produced and hosted a prime time television program on tickets, accident,
insurance and the law on CityPulse24 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Lee is also a well read columnist for the 'Wheels' section of the Toronto Star newspaper,
and Canada's National newspaper the Globe and Mail.
Lee Romanov has also been interviewed by FOX, CNN, CBC, CTV, Global TV, and various 
radio, newspaper, and television media for her depth of insurance knowledge,
and for consumer advocate issues.
Lee Romanov is has now developed the ulltimate multi-revenue generating
pre-programmed website giving anyone the power to make money online.
All the functions done on this website, you can do from your kitchen table.
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