Dog Astrology
Lee Romanov

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Aries - Aries is the first Sign of the Zodiac, and as a result, a born leader The Aries Dog will live by the motto "Me First".

Libra - The Libra Dog has one purpose and one purpose improve the lot of the working or owned dog.

Gemini - The Gemini Dog seem to snap, crackle and pop around the house.

Eyes twinkle and dart here and there, always alert.
Scorpio - There is a great strength of character hidden beneath the silky coat of the Scorpio Dog.

Taurus - The Taurus Dog is stubborn, it is their trademark.

Difficult to get them to do what they don't want to do. Throw water or light a fire they won't budge.

Sagittarius - An exceptionally brave and lucky canine, the Sagittarius Dog can be a very trustworthy and reliable creature, particularly suited in that event for working with the blind.

Cancer - They are warm and sensitive to their owners, almost like a parent in their caring natures.

Can charm you into doing what they want with coaxing looks.

Capricorn - The Capricorn Dog is driven by ambition and the ability to scale heights.

Leo - The Leo Dog is the monarch dog. In short, a domineering canine...if given half the chance.

This dog sees him or herself as a cut above all lesser species and will expect to be treated accordingly.

Aquarius - An Aquarian dog is an very timid and gentle animal.

They have an ability to sense the mood of their owners and behave accordingly.

Virgo - The Virgo Dog is a genuine domestic creature, more resigned than any other Sign of the Zodiac to play the role of pet.

In fact, he or she will feel totally comfortable in this position and accept it without a single whimper of protest.

Pisces - The Pisces Dog is Warm, friendly and very adaptable. They are so gentle and docile, they seem almost too good to be true.