Cat Astrology
Lee Romanov

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Aries - These are the pushiest pussies.

Loyal and loving but they will still be incredibly self-centered.

Libra - Libra cats are charming, fun, sociable and just downright gorgeous.

Taurus - This cat is all about pleasure, which happens to come in the form of food and then laying around with a full belly.

Scorpio - The Scorpio Cat is secretive, glamorous, and warm.

Gemini - It is important to realize when you own a Gemini Cat that you are getting two cats in one

Sagittarius - The Sagittarius Cat is exciting, optimistic, cheerful, and generous.

Cancer - If you've ever been in love and can't quite stop looking at the one you Love, then this is how Cancer cat feels about you.

Capricorn - Capricorn cats are rather shy, reserved and not very sociable.

Leo - Leo cats are as representative of Royalty as royalty can get.

Aquarius - Aquarian cats are often a bit unusual or even downright eccentric who is out to have an adventurous and explorative good time.

Virgo - Virgo cats are THE MOST fastidious, fussy and crotchety cats you will ever come across.

Pisces - Pisces cat has one heck of an imagination typically seeing what no one else can.